Humans are three-dimensional beings: we have a body, mind and spirit (human essence). Reconnecting with our ever-intact spirit, we allow healing to occur, discover solutions to challenges that are right and meaningful to us, find purpose, and live with joy. No matter what we encounter, we can live a great, full, life.


If you are unsure about the sort of service that would be right for your current situation, then please feel free to
get in touch to discuss your needs. 


Individual clinical Supervision for health care professionals, with a meaning-orientation


Short-term individual intervention with a meaning-orientation. Particularly useful for patients, their relatives, or anyone experiencing a sense of despair


Workshop Facilitation 


Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Other tailor-made meaning-oriented workshops



Public Speaking


Facilitation of reflection groups, with a gratitude focus. For patients and health care professionals, or any group with a common interest.

Can be used for Supervision.


Facilitation of deep relaxation sessions (yoga nidra) or training in eliciting the relaxation response. For groups or individuals, for general wellbeing, stress-reduction and healing