Accessing your best self for on-purpose living


With practice and facilitation we

develop our ability to choose a grateful life.


Why grateful living? It allows us to choose a joyful and meaningful life.  This is about living your values and being  connected to the essence of you. This is your place of health, joy and wellness. Life’s meaning and all your solutions  originate here. This is how you live your best life, and truly experience what it means to thrive.


Great peace comes from  knowing that you can live with meaning, gratitude and joy no matter what life throws at you.


We are each  ‘response-able’ (and responsible) for creating a great life for ourselves. There is freedom with choosing well. When you choose to live aligned with your values, this is when you experience joy. Your outer world will mirror your inner vision, and as long as you have alignment, you can sustain joy and inner wellbeing.  


Are you stuck because of a diagnosis? Has your work lost its sense of meaning and joy? Are you feeling unsure and directionless or disconnected from your values and sense of purpose? Are you aged, life-limited or disabled and asking questions about life’s purpose and meaning?


This work helps you to tap back into your true self and restore hope.

This is the path to Great, Full Living (gratefulliving). 


Nerine Gregersen


Following my undergraduate medical training, I specialised in paediatrics and then sub-specialised as a clinical geneticist. I emigrated from South Africa  to New Zealand in 2011.

With over 20 years' experience as a doctor, I understand the challenges faced not only by patients and their families, but also by health care professionals.

Through my previous work as a clinical geneticist, training in Logotherapy, clinical Supervision, becoming a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, practising yoga and meditation, and exploring interests in energy medicine, spirituality and consciousness, I recognise the importance of a holistic approach to  healing and wellbeing. Attending to our minds, bodies and spirit is essential if we are to thrive and unlock our full potential, regardless of our circumstances.

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These services support teams, health care professionals, patients and their families, and individuals seeking meaning and purpose. Using facilitated conversations and reflections, shifts are made to assist healing (restoring wholeness), to develop resilience and connect people with joy.


Individual clinical Supervision for health care professionals, with a meaning-orientation


Short-term individual intervention with a meaning-orientation. Particularly useful for patients, their relatives, or anyone  experiencing a sense of despair


Workshop Facilitation 

Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Other tailor-made meaning-oriented workshops




Public Speaking


Facilitation of reflection groups, with a gratitude focus. For patients and health care professionals, or any group with a common interest.

Can be used for Supervision.


Facilitation of deep relaxation sessions (yoga nidra) and training in eliciting the relaxation response. For groups or individuals, for general wellbeing, stress-reduction and healing




We are not alone

"All of us would love to be continuing this group with Nerine and highly recommend these sessions to future groups. Being able to share thought, feelings and fears with others was just so uplifting. We are not alone!!”  
– MG (Patient participant)